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It's Nelly's World

Gratitudes III

alec vanderboom

It seems appropriate, on the eve of tomorrow, to resurrect the idea of thankfulness. (Also of idiotic humor.) There's a lot to feel happy about, even if the economy is tanking in a spectacularly frightening way; especially the idea of a second chance. There's always another one of those, isn't there?
Here are just a few of the things I'm grateful for.

  • black jelly beans
  • the rainbow of variety of dogs (as seen, say, by the hundreds in Prospect Park), the way nature persists in making her works of art with living beings, each mutt a one-off the likes of which will never exist again
  • green heads of daffodils emerging from the cold mud
  • the nice sheets on comfy beds offered with hospitality by dear friends
  • chocolate Easter bunnies (shared by a child)
  • a glass of pinot noir at the end of the day, with the newspaper
  • hope, and its gorgeous persistence
  • any day I don't have to pick either ticks or burrs off Nelly (or both)
  • e-mail (I admit it)
  • Netflix (ditto)
  • the Magic 8 ball, when it tells me exactly what I want to hear
  • mothers, the kind who still want to take care of you even though you're grown
  • a new season
  • karma--as exists in this lifetime, because that's enough
  • nostalgia: it brings me back to places and people I then find I don't have to leave behind
  • plastic eggs dotting a field, waiting for excited children to find